ProNet Consulting is an IT Consultancy, providing both IT Consultancy services on Microsoft development technologies, as well as a selection of software packages, and internet web site design and hosting on our custom designed content management system.

NEW: Competitor Market Analysis Reports

Using our expertise in Big Data Analysis we crawl a vast selection of the internet on a daily basis. The data collected allows us to gain an invaluable view of the market and determine how YOU are doing compared to your business competitors. Specially looking across property websites we have a report targeted at Estate Agents which is now available. See our Reporting page for more information and to download a sample. See how you could gain a competitive advantage through Big Data.

Consultancy Services

We have fifteen years commercial experience in the Microsoft arena and our consultants are well versed in all widely used internet technologies and standard/extreme IT development methodologies and are skilled in analyzing, planning, designing and building high performance, highly scaleable systems.

Software Packages

Curently under development we have a fantastic new product for managing your visual work instructions. We are currently recruiting for beta testers please see our Packages Page for more details and to sign up. Early adopters and customers coming across from a competitors product are guaranteed a great deal.

Cloud Computing

We are leading the way with cloud computing, and have several solutions available off the shelf, from our Hosted Search, through to Web CMS, Finance, and Accounting Systems.